About Us.
Tri-State Fencing is owned and operated by John Jantzen and sons Brooks and Clay. We have our headquarters in southwest Arkansas (about 30 minutes south of Texarkana) and will happily travel to your location.
Our fences are the stoutest in the industry. We specialize in tall game fences, feral hog boundaries, and many types of ranch fence. From barbed wire to woven wire with digging barriers we have you covered.
Land Clearance.
We can clear your boundaries before building fence or just open up acres of brush for you. Our modern mulching equipment leaves your ground clean and our heavy equipment makes short work of large timber.
Whether you need a waterway built for a pasture or you would like a lake on your property we can do it. We have experience with many sizes of ponds and lakes, levees, and field leveling.
Questions? Call John at 903-748-1075
Recent Projects.

Some of our recently completed projects.

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  • a recent project

    This was 1.25 miles of levee.

  • a recent project

    This is a excellent fence to help keep trespassers out.

  • a recent project

    A recently finished 7 mile project near San Antonio, Tx.